About Us

KEY4WIN is a company created in 2019, with its own cryptocurrency, ETROS.

Our main objective is to monetize your money through ETROS staking, and with the help of the various companies in the group, take business marketing to another level, maximizing results.

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Believe in yourself. You have no idea what you're capable of!

KEY4WIN gives you a daily bonus of up to 1.2%.

We do cryptocurrency arbitration crafted by proven and qualified professionals.

Weekly, you only need to advertise and promote the ads suggested by KEY4WIN on social networks.


Promote your business with our network of contacts.

Companies, brands or products are promoted with the activity of the key4win network.

We make your business grow, helping to bring your company to the target audience through our platform and social networks.


Success is a matter of will, action and dedication.

We have train you so that you can acquire knowledge in several areas.

Cryptocurrencies are a constantly evolving topic and here you can acquire all the information that will allow you to get to know the market better.


The best way to shop online.

We have a collective purchasing platform that allows the holder of our cryptocurrency "ETROS" to buy products or services.

The customer can make his purchase at our partners using our currency or purchase partial vouchers for later discount.

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